radikal hospitality


radikal hospitality

studio x kitchen & radikal hospitality present:

reBloom: the poetics of eating

A dinner exploring the heightened sensuousness of language and taste

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poetic eating: an act of eating where the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity through the use of distinctive taste, aesthetic setting, and selected language. A setting in which individual and the collective experiences and sensations converge.

In conjunction with the (erratic) changing of the seasons, we will celebrate (and grieve) the return (or absence) of blooms this spring. As the exponential effects of climate change interfere with plant reproduction cycles, we will use the tools of taste and language to unravel the metaphor of spring at a time of increased uncertainty and awareness within our food system.

We propose that the sensations of eating as one pathway towards greater awareness in the climate crisis: the practice of eating in community can heighten our perception of taste and therefore our experience of the food available to us.

Taste perception is a complex biological, psychological, and sociological process. humans have the ability to imagine taste seperate from the physiological experience by speaking, listening, writing and reading about food. Furthermore, the language we use to describe food alters our perception of taste. We will therefore explore the synergies of language and taste in the setting of the meal.

The evening will be a meal in five chapters where eaters will be welcomed to explore the words, ingredients, and sensations which mark the peak bloom of spring, and the result of the promised potential after winter’s long cold depths. We will explore, too, how the language of eating may be a tool in uncovering our subconscious understandings of what food should be and the role of individual and collective taste in mitigating the impacts of eating on our planet.

April 18 & 19th from 7pm
5-serving vegetarian* tasting menu 500dkk
optional wine pairing
limited spaces

(*due to the limitations of the pop-up, we do not accomodate other dietary restrcitions except upon special request)

social eating for social change